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As a modern-day business owner, I guess you have a website and you know that written content is a central part of your marketing strategy. There are many elements to achieving a good Google ranking, and quality content is one of the cornerstones.

Like me, you probably wish you could write more blogs to showcase your knowledge and ‘pay it forward’ by helping others. The stumbling block is often finding the time and the energy to stay in front of the computer for another hour and put words together.
Plus I often can’t find the words when I’m at my desk, however the minute I’m away from the office, the floodgates open and my mind flows with fresh ideas!

Being a bit of a geek (so my business partner tells me) I wondered whether speaking rather than typing would make it easier for me. First place I looked was obviously Google, next was my go-to group, Queensland Business Group on Facebook.
Then, just when I thought that no gadget could surprise me, I discovered an old toy with new possibilities. Excited much!

All I had to do was combine a tablet or smartphone with The Cloud… and all of the sudden I have the ability to speak and watch the words flow on the screen.
It’s magic I hear you say, it must cost a fortune?

Actually no, it’s just Google Drive and it’s free! It works because Google Drive syncs your content automatically between all your devices.

The VERY simple steps are:
1. If you haven’t already, register for a Google account so you can access Google Drive on your desktop.
2. Download the Google Drive app as well as the Google Docs app to your mobile device. Being on Android I did this in the Google Play store.
3. Open and rename a new document (click Create > New > Document), whether on your desktop or mobile device.
4. Open the same document on the second device.
5. With both documents open you can now use your mobile device’s voice to text function to start dictating, and the words will automagically appear on your desktop. You can also use words like ‘comma’, ‘full stop’ and ‘new paragraph’.
6. When you are done, save and edit as needed. You can ‘save as’ and export to your preferred editing tool, which for me is still MS Word. You can leave this step for when you are next back in front of the computer.

For the software to work properly I do have to speak clearly and more slowly than I would normally. I’m actually writing this blog in bursts as I walk through the house making coffee and preparing breakfast.

I keep  having to remember to use the words “full stop” and “new paragraph” as I speak. When in the office I will do some editing, add an image and hey presto, blog done.

I discovered this trick while researching Dragon NaturallySpeaking (which I would still like to add to my wide range of techie tools). But for now, free will do as the water bill and the rates are due this month!

I have to credit Jeffrey Taylor of The Droid Lawyer for the tip. I have not tested this on iOS as I am not on Team Apple, but would think it should also work on iPhones and iPads.


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