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So you are in business, or thinking about starting?

I’m guessing you want to grow your customer numbers, boost your sales quickly and make a profit year after year.

Guess what, you want what most of us in business are dreaming of.

But not everyone achieves it.


One mantra I often hear is ‘Follow your heart, and the rest will follow’. I believe there’s a bit a fine print that is missing after that.

As in, ‘but you’ll need to be willing to fail, pick yourself up again, do a lot of research and learning, work long hours and even some weekends’, and much more.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do believe it’s essential to be passionate about your business, and to be in business for all the right reasons. It’s essential because otherwise it will soon be no better than a job. Albeit perhaps a badly paid one!

But to me the reality of small business, especially for self-starters, is that it takes a good idea at the right time, an open mind, a lot of resilience and a really, really good sense of humour.

And the two most important things are: having a support group, and getting good advice.

Being part of a community is essential. Whether in person, face-to-face, or on Facebook. We are social beings, and for centuries we lived in tribes, then in villages. So even today we do need a waterhole of kinds to meet at and swap ideas.

“I met someone who had a dollar. We exchanged dollars and we still each had a dollar.

I met someone with an idea. We exchanged ideas, and now we both have two ideas.”

The other essential in my view, is to get the right kind of advice. It will probably cost you to get professional advice, but in my experience it’s usually worth every cent. What I wish someone had told me when I first started was that I needed to spend the time and the money to get the best advice possible.

But I scrimped and saved because I thought I could not afford to pay. I could not afford to pay because I sold my services too cheap and gave discounts. And you know what? I actually lost a lot more than what I would have paid. I lost time, I lost sales, I spent a lot of time making mistakes.

Today I have a group of ‘go-to’ people who keep me sane and give me good advice. And I have an amazing business mentor. Guess what, I make a lot more every month than what I pay him in fees. And I am tackling new ideas and starting new projects like never before.

Now just think, how good would it be to get advice from business owners who have been there and done that, so you avoid making the mistakes they made?

How good would it be to be in touch with a community of like-minded people?

And to find a business mentor whose expertise you can rely on.

That, and so much more is what we are sharing with you at our one-day event: if you are a small business owner or home-based business looking for a bit of advice and encouragement, make sure to grab a ticket.

There are a total of 12 successful and experienced speakers anticipated at the event who are prepared to get personal and share what it really takes to create a business from the ground up. They will be sharing real-life stories, including what worked, what didn’t work and what really goes on behind the scenes of a small business.

Because you can’t afford to keep giving discounts and hope you’ll make more sales that way!

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