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DIY Marketing Coaching for Small Business

DIY Marketing Coaching for Small Business

Email Subscription Series
$40 / 4 weeks of DIY coaching sessions straight to your inbox

If you are ready to some change-making but can’t quite invest the time or money to attend workshops or one-on-one coaching the DIY email subscription series is for you. Includes:
- 4 weeks / 4 emails per week (that’s 16 emails total)
- topics and worksheets on small business promotion, practical marketing tips, and time management
- weekly list of easy-to-use small business & marketing tools

What to expect with the DIY coaching email subscription:
The DIY email subscription is great for self-motivated business owners who need a little guidance in dreaming, planning, and taking small steps to design the kind of business they want to build, and the kind of life they want to live – from the daily routines to the big picture.

This coaching for small business email subscription series will prompt you to explore the kind of work and life you want to live through daily emails, worksheets, journalling exercises, reflections, and membership of our closed Facebook group. We’ll also be covering very practical approaches to establishing daily routines for marketing, goal setting, and time management.

DIY Coaching for Small Business Email Subscription Sign-Up
You can sign up anytime for DIY Coaching for Small Business emails to be delivered straight to your inbox. It’s $40 for 4 weeks of daily worksheets, exercises, tips for goal-setting and decision-making, help in establishing routines and time management, plus weekly tool lists and reflections. The first email goes out the Monday after you sign up.