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This is one of the best blogging tips I know! With Google Docs and the microphone function on my mobile, I create content on the go using the speech to text function.


I’m a bit of a geek, and love processes that make things easier and save me time. So forget spending mucho dinero on Dragon Speak Naturally, Google to the rescue!


The VERY simple steps are the same whether you are an Android stalwart or one of those freaky Apple fans:

  1. If you don’t already have a Google account, register for one so you can access Google Docs. (If you use Gmail you already have a Google account and can access Google Docs in Google Drive.)
  2. Install Google Drive on your desktop device if you intend to use your device for editing or publishing.
  3. Download the Google Docs App from your Apple Store or Android Store to your mobile device.
  4. Now, on your mobile, open the Google Docs App.
  5. Open and name a new document (Click the + button).
  6. Look for the little microphone button at the bottom your screen: hit that button to use your mobile device’s Speech to Text function. Start dictating, and the words will automagically appear on the screen!
  7. You can use words like ‘comma’, ‘full stop’ and ‘new paragraph’ to format your text as you go.
  8. When you are done, save and edit if needed before printing or publishing: with the handy Google sync function, your mobile content is instantly copied and saved for you to access via Google Docs on your desktop or laptop, bonus points!


EDITING: You can open the same document on your laptop and edit the content in Google Docs. Or you can ‘save as’ and export to your preferred editing tool, which for me is still MS Word. You can leave this step for when you are next back in front of the computer.

I do have to speak clearly (Belgian accent and all that), but this just gives more time to think! I usually write blogs in bursts as I walk around doing something else.

My son likes to lie around in comfort while dictating, then prints his school assignments directly from his iPhone… each to his own.

When I have time to sit in my office nook, I do some editing, hop on WordPress to add text, create an image in Canva and voila, blog done.

{By popular demand this is an updated version of a blog I wrote in 2014.}

I have to credit Jeffrey Taylor of The Droid Lawyer for the tip, though the original page has since been removed. Jeffrey does have a new list of updated apps: http://thedroidlawyer.com/apps-for-lawyers/the-list/


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