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CaptureWendy moved to the Sunny Coast 7 years ago, dreaming of being a lady of leisure. After 22 years in software testing, implementation and release management in the IT industry, who could blame her!

Her last project spread over 3 years and involved coordinating 15 banks, including the “Big 4”, on the Faster payments project, which ensured that money could be transferred in real time and not take 3 days…


Despite being on a “go slow” since having her youngest child, she still managed to run two businesses, including a successful women’s social network. With groups in Noosa and in Brisbane, Life Beyond 30 now has over 400 members in total.  Her son starts school next year, and she has plans to make social groups like this available to women in as many towns and cities as possible.

Life Beyond 30, An instant social life for women
 “If you have ever moved to a new place, lost touch with friends or found yourself suddenly single, you will know what it’s like to want to be part of something. Life Beyond 30 is a concept that pulls together groups of women who all thrive on the being together and who allow you to be yourself. Social events are the heart and soul of our groups and are what makes it such a success, getting together helps us build the friendships and relationships that keep us going. It’s a network that you can dip into when you want to go for a night out, visit the cinema or hit the gym, whatever you feel like doing there will no doubt be someone else that fancies that too. We all have families, careers etc sometimes we just need something for ourselves…Life Beyond 30 is it!!”

At Small Business Summit Noosa, Wendy will share how she started the group, as well as the hurdles and lessons learnt along the way:


  • How to identify opportunities from within your current network
  • To accept that sometimes you need to go slow and be patient
  • How to turn the not so successful stuff, into positives


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